Gough Watson Business Services (GWBS) represents a group of professionals committed to providing business and corporate solutions through matching client requirements to planned outcomes and expectations.  We realise “the power of your ideas” through:

  • Organisational Portfolio, Program and Project Management (OP3M) using the latest next-generation Corporate Improvement Model (P3MCIM); Doctoral Thesis 2022 copyright GWBS Pty Ltd. This model will be fully contextualised to YOUR organisation.
  • Professional (competency-based) Development, Education & Training and University Programs to achieve qualifications and professional certifications in Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Program, Project and Event Planning

We offer consultancy services for business and public sector environments and contextualise our solutions.

Gough Watson Business Services (GWBS) has extensive experience in the design and implementation of organisational project management and professional development and training across private and public agencies and enterprises. This can be conducted formally (externally), informally (in-house), through face-to-face workshops, personal coaching, in online mode, or through blended interventions. The option exists for candidates undertaking education and training to complete accredited courses whereby qualifications can be awarded under the Australian Qualifications Framework, University Programs, and professionally certified by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM).